Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar

Originally constructed during the colonial rule of the British in 1909, the Yangon General Hospital is the largest public hospital in Myanmar, and is responsible for training approximately one third of Myanmar’s medical workforce. Over the years, unplanned growth has left the hospital in a state of disorganisation. A lack of strategic planning has meant that there are problems with a number of vital functions of the hospital, such as water management and patient access to A&E.

Clarkebond are now part of the project team, assisting in design, advice and training for local staff and engineers to help with reinvigorating the Yangon Hospital as part of the implementation of the overall masterplan produced by Article 25 (the largest architectural charity in the world), which will help to achieve a sustainable expansion of the campus that takes into account the building’s heritage as well as providing adequate space for patients and staff.

This masterplan will guide the Yangon General Hospital into a future as the central institution of the Myanmar healthcare system.

Following the successful delivery of the Yangon General Hospital Masterplan at the beginning of 2017, the design team is now working alongside the hospital to begin the implementation process. This work is initiated by the Rangoon General Hospital Reinvigoration Trust under the request of the Ministry of Health, with international experts funded by UK Aid.

The Masterplan sets out the proposals to develop the hospital over an estimated 20 years, divided into 4 phases. The work we are currently undertaking is the first year of Phase 1 (itself 4 years in total). Our remit as a team of international design consultants is to provide assessment and strategic design for a few key areas of work with the broad aim over this period of ‘making the campus safe’. The international experts will then work alongside local designers and contractors in order to provide capacity building and to support implementation.

The team includes structural engineers (Michael Hadi Associates), Approved Inspectors (Quadrant), services engineers (Max Fordham LLP), hospital engineering and fire safety (Hoare Lea), as well as healthcare architects and space planners.

The work focuses on four key buildings which have been identified as essential in providing services, both to the hospital and the city at large, in the event of a disaster. We are currently helping with the delivery of localised civil engineering works that will enable the drainage to function properly, following decades of neglect.