Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Our specialist services cover a range of engineering and construction skills specific to the needs of property owners and facility managers, contractors, developers, fund managers and building insurers for new build, refurbishment and repair projects. These skills support the design, development and completion stages of a project from the early due diligence, pre-acquisition evaluation, through demolition to contract management.

From our extensive involvement, over many years, in the damage assessment of bomb damage buildings, resulting from terrorism on mainland UK, we have developed a unique expertise and are recognised industry leaders in this field and form an integral part in the Major Incident Management and Response of some of the largest FT publically quoted companies.

This expertise proved invaluable in assisting and advising international clients following the December 2005 Buncefield Oil Depot industrial explosion, which was the largest peacetime explosion in Europe since WWII. Managing such significant events is hugely demanding both technically and publically and Clarkebond has developed a unique culture in managing these demands. Our engineering led perspective provides our clients with project clarity and certainty, and our experience in the restoration and repair of historic building and explosion, earthquake, fire and flood damage is unique.

We use our building pathology and forensic engineering skill sets to advise our clients with regard poor construction, inherent defects, material degradation, contamination etc. drawing on all aspects of our in-house multi-disciplined skill sets.       

As part of our corporate, social responsibility we have over the years cross pollinated this within our various skill sets, to assist the Third Sector, particularly with regard Disaster Recovery / Major Incident Management within the built environment and this forms an important part of our Resilience and Recovery skill set.


  • Pre-acquisition/due diligence surveys
  • Regent Street Disease / Deansgate Disorder
  • Dilapidation & condition surveys
  • Historic building repair
  • Forensic engineering
  • Demolition & site clearance
  • CDM coordinator
  • Contract administration
  • Damage assessment (insurance)
  • Building Regulations, Party Wall & DDA compliance
  • Structural auditing
  • Facade engineering
  • Advanced Computer Modelling
  • High Rise Towers
  • Specialist structural advice and design
  • Tunnelling

Bill Keane - billkeane@clarkebond.com or 020 7939 0959