Sittwe General Hospital, Myanmar

An 8-year masterplan for a $75m project to expand and substantially upgrade the Sittwe General Hospital, in Myanmar has been submitted to the United Nations.

Clarkebond has provided civil engineering advice on the surface water and waste water strategy for the masterplan which will be critical in ensuring a sustainable, sanitary infrastructure for the future development of the hospital’s facilities.

The Masterplan proposals are for incremental, controllable growth with a manageable level of development and construction. They have been designed to ensure that the hospital can continue to function and that all currently housed staff can be accommodated throughout each phase of the development. The $75m masterplan will be delivered over 8 years in 4 phases depending on funding.

Poor structural condition of buildings with inadequate facilities, very basic site utilities, poor hygiene and laundry facilities, some buildings not fit-for-purpose, no hot water provision, inadequate radiation protection, inadequate patient privacy, no ramps or lifts, poor waste management, poor fire safety provision, unreliable power supply, were all evident. Even where building of a new ward was underway, a recommendation has been made for construction to be halted as the build design and quality is so poor it will require structural retro-fitting, improved layout, ventilation and fire safety measures. Only one of the 50 hospital buildings assessed by engineers was considered to be structurally safe – the rest range from moderate to very high risk.

All in all, a massive challenge which the SGH masterplan seeks to address.

The design team researched the existing facilities and services gathered information about existing healthcare patterns, infrastructure, constraints and opportunities and used this information to make recommendations about the organisational and management changes necessary to modernise Sittwe General Hospital. This masterplan covers every aspect of the transformation from the current hospital into an efficient, effective, high quality 500-bed capacity healthcare facility comparable to any such facility in the developed world.

As part of an international team of consultants, Clarkebond has been involved in the development of the masterplan for the Sittwe General Hospital (SGH), the largest healthcare facility in the Rakhine State, Myanmar. Currently with a 350-bed capacity, the hospital is a critical healthcare provider in the region that sees people travelling long distances to access treatment. Yet, this struggling facility has limited resources, poor infrastructure and a legacy of ad hoc developments without a clear road map.

Clarkebond personnel visiting the facility saw for themselves the challenging conditions in which healthcare professionals were striving to provide good patient care.