Quebec House

A major refurbishment of a 1908 multi- storey period building on Pall Mall. The building was purchased by the Governmend De Quebec to become its official London office.

As the building remained unaltered since its construction in 1908 it required major internal and external re configuration to create more open and flexible office space suitable for their future needs. Being a confined city centre site that bridged Crown Passage it had many engineering and building logistic challenges. To minimise cost, many of the floors were retained and new in fills were of modern construction.

One of its biggest challenges was the hybrid nature of the construction i.e. a mixture of load bearing masonry and internal partial steel framing. The total absence of any original archive drawings made it even more challenging and required very collaborative and pro-active working by all team members with the client fully engaged throughout the entire project.

Another major logistical challenge was the majority of the heavy structural re configuration works occurred during the 2012 London Olympics and this required structural design to take cognizance of construction sequencing and manhandling "manageable" sizes of steel elements as there was extremely limited space on site to store materials. The interface between temporary and permanent works and the transition that this involved required careful consideration by both the design team and contractor.