Our Values

Clarkebond differentiates itself as much by its distinctive and enduring culture as by the quality and breadth of its professional service and the originality, creativity and achievability of its solutions. These are informed by our core values.


  • As engineers we are collectively responsible for delivering and enhancing the built environment recognising its impact on our greater natural and social development.
  • As a company we are responsible for the welfare of our employees and our clients.


  • Being open and honest with our clients, employees, and fellow consultants means we build mutual trust and respect in our relationships.
  • Transparency generates a sense of pride in our profession and an evident passion to achieve.


  • We consistently deliver high quality engineering design from concept through to delivery and nurture professional excellence in all areas of our business - technical, operational and administrative.


  • We are committed to maintaining a strong professional company which grows the business and enables us to invest and create more opportunities for our employees.
  • We use our professional intelligence to develop new areas of the business that react to financial, environmental, and geographical changes and demands.


  • Creating a positive environment to work in motivates and energises our employees and clients.
  • Enjoyment & fun are an integral part of the serious business of our success.