Hinkley Point C

Clarkebond have been recruited to design two ancillary buildings as part of the Hinkley Point C development, a warehouse which will be used as a base for further construction activities on the site and a simulator building which will be used to train the future operators of the reactors. Whilst not part of the energy generation facilities, the two buildings which Clarkebond are providing Civil and Structural design services for are on the critical path for the 1st reactor to be generating energy by the end of 2025. The two new reactors and accompanying structures form the largest construction site in Europe and one of the largest infrastructure projects in British history, utilising two tunnel boring machines and the largest crane on the planet.

The structures are both steel framed. The warehouse is a portal framed structure designed with a large capacity crane which will track the entire length of the warehouse, a floor slab which will be heavily loaded in a number of different arrangements and is constructed such that the majority of the internal structures can be removed to allow flexibility in the future use of the warehouse. The simulator building is a braced structure and is home to a large amount of complex equipment designed to replicate the control centre of the reactor as closely possible, side by side with classrooms and eateries.

The nature of the setting in which the buildings are constructed demands extremely high standards of design and project management encompassing BIM level 2 including asset tagging. The approvals process is very strict and conducted with a great deal of rigour and requires a very in depth relationship between designers to ensure that all elements are fully designed and detailed by all parties without clashes. The proximity of the facility to the strong, salty winds of Atlantic Ocean, combined with a long design life has had a major effect on the design of the structure and the way in the corrosion protection was specified and communicated.

The two buildings are due for completion in June 2020.