Named to commemorate a friary church that was originally founded in 1231, Greyfriars Quarter, a 265 dwelling development in Gloucester, is nearing completion.

Work started in January 2013 to build the development in stages on the site of a former Gloscat University campus. The final phase of construction is due to be completed in December 2018. Linden Homes has been working with the Homes and Communities Agency to develop the scheme of apartments and 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes.

Clarkebond has provided civil, structural, and ground engineering services from planning through to completion. Whilst the historic surroundings and beautifully preserved buildings may create a unique setting for residents, it’s the non-visible ancient remains that have required the design ingenuity of Clarkebond’s engineers to make this development feasible.

Founded by Romans in the 1st century, underground Gloucester is rich in archaeological remains. The Greyfriars Quarter development crosses the remains of the ancient city walls and a Roman burial ground lies just outside the walls. The remains of the ancient friary can still be seen adjacent to the development.

The buildings’ foundations have been designed to leave the historic remains undisturbed beneath the buildings. This has been achieved by using piled foundations through the ruins and by raising the ground floor and foundations as far as possible to reduce disturbance. In addition, some of the houses have been constructed with gardens at 1st floor level, with car parking space underneath at ground level.