Gibraltar Airport Tunnel

Clarkebond were commissioned and continue to provide environmental management and waste management expertise to the Government of Gibraltar for a major infrastructure project in Gibraltar.  The project involves the construction of a dual carriageway and pedestrian tunnel through former Ministry of Defence land to span an operational military run airport.  Due to history of military use including ammunition storage, aviation fuel storage and rifle ranges, the soil and groundwater at the site was significantly contaminated with heavy metals and hydrocarbons.  Due to the small size of Gibraltar, sustainable use of the waste soil arisings (70,000m3) was key to the success of the project.

Clarkebond initially worked with the project management team to ensure that the contractor's proposals were suitably designed to mitigate the risk posed by the contaminated land and groundwater.  This included oversight of the construction of a large groundwater treatment facility capable of treating significantly contaminated water to below Saline Environmental Quality Standards.  In addition, clarkebond undertook a detailed site investigation of the tunnel profile and managed the specification and commissioning of a soil wash facility.  Due to project constraints the system has yet to be utilised.

Clarkebond have subsequently provided the Government of Gibraltar with detailed assistance on groundwater treatment facilities.  Clarkebond have recently been commissioned to provide a Waste Management Plan for the project and a detailed specification to allow the tracking and management of all excavated contaminated soil.

Services: environmental engineering, waste management, groundwater treatment, site investigation