Façade Engineering

Façade Engineering

Facade engineering design integrates the aesthetics of the built form with the technical; bringing the architect's vision to life and delivering a high performance building envelope.

Our engineers work as part of a design team from the concept stage, or on a specific individual basis to bring high level technical expertise to any project.  We analyse the performance value of different facade designs considering the technical and environmental behaviour of customised and bespoke innovative solutions.

Our approach addresses the key issues in building design – structural, energy efficiency, internal climate control, resilience (blast) and advanced construction techniques.  This is based on advanced analysis and research and development programmes working directly with manufacturers and universities.


  • Facade structural design
  • Facade inspection and refurbishment
  • Portfolio reviews where environmental performance and durability are considered
  • Value engineering
  • Environmental performance of building facades
  • Energy transfer 3D modelling
  • Parametric modelling
  • Wind analysis
  • Solar shading design
  • Blast engineering
  • Factory and on-site testing
  • Expert witness

If you would like to download our paper on Façade Design - Engineering to maximise value and minimise risks, click here

We are members of the Centre of Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT).

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