Eling Wharf, Totton

Clarkebond have been involved in the development of a Masterplan for the mixed use redevelopment of this Waterfront site, reconciling land use and travel impact with access provision and quality of route.  We have worked with the Masterplanners to link land uses with safe pedestrian and cycle routes, on desire lines, manage points of conflict with vehicles, and link the site to the main local public transport nodes.

We have produced a Draft Transport Assessment and Travel Plan heads for each land use, and identified a parking strategy to minimise space lost to parking but provide an appropriate level to ensure that businesses remain viable and residential areas do not suffer from uncontrolled parking.  A new access arrangement has been designed to improve a current sub standard layout, reduce the impact of HGV traffic, remove traffic from local residential streets and overcome the need to do 'U' turns at busy roundabouts on the Primary Route Network.