Queens Road Roundabout

Clarkebond is commissioned as lead consultant and engineer for the Queens Road improvement scheme in Bexley part of the Erith Western Gateway (EWG) scheme. The project is designed to enable the access to new housing developments and ease any potential congestion issues, current and future.

Bexley is located at the heart of the Thames Gateway, Europe's largest regeneration scheme and as a borough it is looking to secure significant new investment through housing, infrastructure, employment and the environment to enable a thriving, balanced community. The redesign of Queens Road will support this ambition by delivering front end transport improvements to reduce cost and risk to potential zoned developments (13 sites identified in the EWG).

The full scope of works includes an EIA, highway and bridge design, drainage strategy and design, utility strategy and a waste management programme with significant liaison with local and national authorities (Network Rail, TFL and the Highways Authority) as well as the key stakeholders EWG, HCA and the London Borough of Bexley).