Planning approved for residential development on hillside farmland

Clarkebond provided a range of vital pre-planning engineering services to support this successful planning application for 140 residential units on a hilly Greenfield farmland site in Wiltshire.

The development at Hunters Moon near Chippenham, a mix of 2-5 bedroom homes with a 0.34 ha area of employment land, is the first phase of a larger development by Bloor Homes and is expected to start on site in June 2018.

The residential development sits on a steeply sloping site that skirts a hill with a central crest.  The slope of the site has required special engineering consideration to incorporate a significant number of retaining walls into the plot layout and to manage drainage and ground water aspects.  The Phase 1 site is in the catchment area of Pudding Brook; a main river that passes underneath the main road.  Following negotiation with the local drainage authority, the on-site drainage will be connected to Pudding Brook via a new pipe along a nearby lane.  Negotiations are ongoing with Wessex Water to agree appropriate foul water treatment connection points to the existing foul network.

Clarkebond carried out an initial engineering review including road and plot levels and provided input to the masterplan produced by Barton Wilmore with tracking and visibility assessments. Clarkebond further provided a flood risk assessment, drainage strategy design, tracking and visibility assessment, a ground investigation across the whole site and a foundation review.

Although not in a flood zone, the flood risk assessment identified some current flooding issues related to ordinary water courses running through the site.  The flood risk has been attributed to the potential for obstruction in, or lack of maintenance of, a culvert under a railway line which results in backwater flows. The report recommended mitigation measures to address this issue, which will be investigated in further detail prior to the second development phase.

Clarkebond engineers are now preparing the detailed design of offsite works including Section 278 highway improvements and will then produce detailed on-site designs to prepare for tendering the construction works.

Engineers: Clarkebond
Masterplanners: Barton Wilmore
Planning Consultant: Curtin + Co