Haiti - Past, Present & The Future? Information Report

Bill Keane, Director of Clarkebond (UK) Limted, has many years experience in dealing with and commenting on disasters both in the UK and overseas. Bill heads up the Disaster Management and Recovery division of Clarkebond together with his colleague Dr Philip Esper, in the Middle East. Both Bill and Philip are commissioners on the RICS President’s Commission on Disaster Management:


Clarkebond provides technical engineering support for BuildAid, an NGO working in the built-environment on the continents of Africa, Asia and the Americas, building schools, medical centres, houses and orphanages.

Bill undertook a joint visit to Haiti in March 2010, as part of an initial evaluation report on behalf of BuildAid, titled ‘A Disaster Many Years In The Making’, 29.03.2010


This Information Report is a review of what they observed within the built-environment during that visit, subsequent 3rd party reports/findings in the intervening period, progress to date, the external drivers and the stakeholder’s aspirations for the future of Haiti and how they might be realised in light of the huge challenges facing all actors operating in the field and Haiti’s relevant historic journey and external influences over the centuries.