Helping to Build Resilience in the Housing Sector across Dominica

In September 2017 the world saw the devastating images of Dominica after Hurricane Maria hit that affected 90% of the housing sector, leaving more than 4,500 houses destroyed and over 20,000 partially damaged. Small Island economies like Dominica are becoming more vulnerable, given the increased severity of natural events such as category 5 hurricanes, intense rainfall channeled by global climate change, and seismic risks.

As a result The Housing Recovery Project (HRP) was launched as a new, island wide project designed to provide support for the reconstruction of 676 completely destroyed small houses owned by the most vulnerable.

Following an internal management meeting in 2018, the Directors of the company expressed an interest in identifying opportunities to enable Clarkebond to expand its core services outside of the UK.  In December of 2018, with assistance from the Department for International trade, a number of potential opportunities were explored in the Caribbean.  Some 18 months after initially expressing interest, Clarkebond are delighted to announce that we have secured the contract for design and supervision of 676 Resilient Houses on the Island of Dominica, to replace those destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

As part of the tender process, Clarkebond were able to put forward staff with the right professional and international experience, and to build on previous relationships formed with RLB (St Lucia), Article 25, as well as local support from Edghill Fortune Associates.

Despite complication by the recent Covid-19 travel restrictions, mobilisation is now underway and we look forward to being part of this very worthwhile project.