Facade Design – Engineering to maximise value and minimise risks

The role of façade engineering in construction has been thrown into the spotlight recently.  As well as achieving the architect’s vision, the façade engineer’s design must consider many other factors including buildability, maintenance, life-cycle, sustainability and safety.

Clarkebond’s façade specialist, Omar Al-Omar wrote a paper earlier this year ‘Facade Design – Engineering to maximise value and minimise risks’.  In light of the Grenfell tragedy, this paper has now been updated to include a section relating specifically to combustibility risks including recommendations based on results from recent BRE product tests.

You can download a copy of this paper by clicking here.

We have a wide range of façade services, including inspection, refurbishment and portfolio reviews.  If you have any concerns about existing properties or would like our advice on any future projects, please do give us a call on 020 7939 0959 or email Omar direct at omaral-omar@clarkebond.com.