Construction started on first phase of Exeter residential development

Construction of phase one of a 430 unit residential scheme in the village of Pinhoe on former farm land on the north east outskirts of Exeter has started on site.

The first phase of the development will include up to 150 two, three, four and five bedroom homes, a neighbourhood store, a Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play (NEAP), landscaping and associated drainage and estate road infrastructure plus new site access.  The overall scheme is divided into 3 phases and will include a 120 bed care home in a subsequent phase.

Clarkebond supported developer Bloor Homes in obtaining the necessary planning approvals and during 2015 and 2016 provided extensive support for a Reserved Matters Planning Application covering Phase 1 and parts of the overall scheme with regards to the proposed drainage regime.  Clarkebond has provided a range of engineering consultancy services on the scheme including drainage and estate road infrastructure design, levels and setting out, negotiations with local water and highway authorities for securing approval and adoption of the drainage and estate road infrastructure, submission of applications for onsite sewer diversions and requisition, foundation design and site support.  When alterations to the masterplan were made, Clarkebond provided an addendum to the Flood Risk Assessment.

There were several engineering challenges associated with the location of the site not least the design of the SUDs compliant surface water drainage scheme.  The design solution proposed uses detention basins located in the linear park landscaping to attenuate surface water before discharge to an existing ditch.  Ponds are not permitted because of the proximity of Exeter Airport.  This was particularly challenging because of the levels of the existing ditch and the interface between the drainage in general i.e. crossing locations due to tight tolerances with regards to the outfalls to the existing ditch (surface) and sewers (foul) and incorporation of the detention basins into the linear park landscaping which includes a 6m high noise bund running parallel to the motorway.

Other infrastructure issues included the diversion of an existing previously unknown surface water sewer running across the site; foul drainage connected to an existing adopted sewer which needed to be upsized and will be the subject of a requisition undertaken by South West Water and the diversion of existing on site adopted drainage by South West Water to suit the proposed development layout.

This first phase of the development is expected to be completed by December 2021.

Developer & Principal Designer: Bloor Homes
Engineers: Clarkebond
Architects: Thrive