Clarkebond take the long view at Wellington residential development

Tenders have been issued for the construction of Phase 3 of a residential development scheme at Longforth Farm, near Wellington in Somerset in anticipation of construction starting within the next few months.

This 3rd phase of the development by Bloor Homes will comprise a further 119 homes.

Phase 2, a 134 unit development including social housing, is two thirds of the way through construction, following the completion of a first phase of 177 units.

The first phase caused excitement when BBC’s ‘Time Team’ visited the site prior to the construction of phase 1 after archaeological excavations revealed a Bronze Age landscape and a previously unknown complex of medieval buildings. The site was excavated, ahead of development, by Wessex Archaeology, to ensure that archaeological evidence was recorded and disseminated before work began.

Clarkebond has been involved in the project since the site was first considered as a potential development and has provided civil engineering design including drainage, highways, plot engineering, structural foundation design and utilities. Clarkebond also provided ground engineering services including desk studies, ground investigations, vibro-stone column ground improvement advice and writing an earthworks specification.

The development has not been without its engineering challenges. The site lies adjacent to a railway line to the north of the site and sits on top of a large diameter foul sewer which passes the whole way through the site. Consideration had to be given to providing adequate buffer zones for the railway for both noise and amenity. In addition, engineering solutions were required to maximise plot numbers taking account of the ground being at different levels across the site with some steeply sloping areas. Bloor needed to import fill material to the site and so Clarkebond provided an in-house Qualified Person to ensure that the Definition of Waste Code of Practice was followed and to assess and ensure that the transfer of fill material from another Bloor site complied with waste legislation.

“Our challenge was to address these issues in the most cost effective way and that meant looking at the entire development as a whole across all phases of development right from the beginning. Successfully delivering this long term approach requires an experienced team and good collaboration,” comments Max Thurgood, Clarkebond Director.