Clarkebond specialist to speak at RICS Conference

The annual flagship RICS Building Surveying Conference will be held at the QE11 Centre in London on 19th April and this year will feature Clarkebond director, Bill Keane, as one of the impressive line-up of specialist guest speakers.

Bill is a leading specialist in disaster management and recovery and over the past 24 years has been involved with the consequences of many major disaster and terrorist incidents in the UK, providing post event building recovery and renewal expertise to property owners, developers, designers and insurers.  Bill sits on the RICS President's Commission for Major Disaster Management, leading the research and development of protocols for government agencies, NGO's, contractors, architects and consultants and independently regularly writes papers and conducts seminars on disaster management.

Within a conference session entitled ‘Defects increasing in regularity’, Bill will be discussing the challenges of achieving warehouse floors fit for purpose over the drive to reduce cost and time through specialist proprietary design.  Bill will draw on his own personal experience with regard to ground bearing and suspended warehouse floor slab defects covering the following topics:

  • Cracking of pile supported fibre reinforced concrete floors slabs
  • Proprietary floor toppings and their limitations within existing ground bearing floor slab
  • The application of geotechnical solutions to redress ground bearing floor slab settlement rather than replacement

If you would like any further information about Clarkebond’s services in relation to the above, or would like to speak to Bill Keane, please email, or call 020 7939 0959.

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