Clarkebond marks milestone birthday in outstanding year!

Staff from across all Clarkebond’s offices came together this month to mark the 70th year since the company started and to celebrate some significant achievements in an outstanding year for the company.

Clarkebond has grown and evolved significantly since the early days.  Whilst the company originally started as a civil and structural engineering practice, today’s Clarkebond is a truly multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, having added different skills to the business over the years such as ground engineering, façade engineering, transport planning, flood risk and hydrology.

Some things have been consistent throughout however.  Clarkebond has always led from the front in the application of technological advances – the company was an early pioneer of the use of BIM for example – and has always focussed on creating a highly qualified, engaged workforce delivering high quality customer service.  Earlier this year, New Civil Engineer’s NCE100 assessment of ‘the top firms in civil engineering based on the cultures, competencies and skillsets that matter most’ ranked Clarkebond in its top 100, ahead of many of its much larger peers.

Whilst none of the original staff remain of course, Clarkebond’s diverse workforce does include 3 staff members with over 30 years’ service!

During the celebrations, Clarkebond staff were addressed by Commercial Director, Neil Marks, who said “Clarkebond’s reputation as a high quality, responsible, reliable and friendly consultancy has been key to the success of the company throughout its history and I am confident that this will continue and that we have a long and prosperous future ahead of us”.

The celebrations mark a year which has seen the company grow by 20%, several key appointments and promotions, some significant landmark project wins and numerous award wins too.  Clarkebond was named as one of the UK’s top civil engineering consultants in the NCE’s ranking of the best firms in civil engineering and also achieved a top ranking in Building’s top consultants list.