Clarkebond appointed by Boden for London head office expansion

Clarkebond has been appointed by Boden on a project to refurbish and expand their head office and warehouse premises on Victoria Road in north London.

The multi million pounds project to upgrade the offices and part of the warehouse will include change of use of existing general industrial floor space on the ground floor and first & Second floors to offices including the installation of a new mezzanine floor, new windows and additional skylight openings, refurbishment of the facade and minors amendments to car parking layout. Clarkebond have been appointed to take the project forward and have already completed the design upto RIBA Stage 3 for providing civil, structural and geotechnical services.

The building was originally named Elliott House and constructed for the owner ‘Elliott Industries Marketing’ in about 1966. As part of the overall refurbishment strategy, the thermal performance of the external envelope cladding will be need to be upgraded as recommended by the MEP Consultant based on their conceptual thermal modelling analysis taking into consideration of the composition of the existing fabrics. 

As part of the on-going value engineering review at the early stage of the project, Clarkebond have instigated an offset structural grid system to the existing structures with the internal designer at the outset in order minimise the extent of new substructures for the new mezzanine. All the new stanchions are tactically positioned approximately half way in between the existing column grid system where possible. This arrangement has provided an opportunity to simplify the proposed mini-piled substructure foundation which minimised the need for a complex cantilevered ground beam solution and the likelihood of potential obstructions imposed by the existing foundation. This has provided a substantial saving in the substructure works for the scheme.

As part of the client’s aspiration, all the new and existing structures will also be fully exposed internally to provide an industrial feel of the spaces.

“Many buildings built in the 60s and 70s are considered to no longer meet today’s requirements,” comments Clarkebond Regional Director, Theodore Tai. “This project shows that we don’t need to write these buildings off and demolish them.  Re-working the building can be a more sustainable solution that brings them up to up to a standard”. 

Client: J P Boden, Engineers: Clarkebond, Architect: SpaceLab