Bristol Grammar School Performing Art Centre shows class!

The newly opened performing arts centre at Bristol Grammar School has been show-cased to members of the FBE Great Western division who were taken on a tour of the facility last week.

The visitors were impressed by the stunning new facility which features an auditorium with high level galleries on each side, a large foyer, a dance studio, scenery dock behind the stage area and associated plant and welfare facilities.  In addition, the scheme includes the complete refurbishment of existing adjoining class rooms and the existing, smaller school theatre into a dedicated music performance area. 

The state of the art facility has a steel frame founded on deep mass concrete foundations.  The concrete roof gives excellent acoustic insulation and provides an ideal platform for photo voltaic panels to generate solar power.  The frame is clad with a mix of high quality architectural materials, structural glass walls and natural stone. 

Clarkebond engineers provided civil, structural and geo-environmental services on the project, overcoming a number of design challenges and developing simple cost effective solutions to all architectural aspirations.  A WW2 air raid shelter has been bridged over and retained as a teaching aid.  The substructure design accommodates two meters of made ground and a 2 metre slope at the edge of this made ground without the need for retaining walls.  A seamless interface between the old and new buildings has also been developed. 

All the construction work was carried out on a self-contained site with a boundary hoarding, enabling the normal daily routine and operation of the school to carry on during the building.

‘This was a challenging project,’ comments Clarkebond Director, Martin Hathaway, ‘but the results speak for themselves.  A really impressive facility!’

Engineers:  Clarkebond
Contractor: Rydon
Architects:  AWW
Property Consultant: Alder King
Project Managers: Deeley Freed