BIM bubble about to burst?

An article published on 17th April in Building Magazine asked whether ‘BIM’s bubble is about to burst’?  Reporting on the NBS National BIM Report 2015 the article highlighted that the proportion of firms saying they use the modelling technology has dropped from 54% last year to 48%.

Clarkebond were early pioneers of BIM and we now use our considerable experience, honed over many years, in a collaborative environment to deliver efficient and effective buildings.

Our design and modelling software is linked to our BIM workflow enabling us to generate innovative designs backed by identified cost-effective sustainable opportunities and better performing buildings from the outset.  With 3D Revit/3D Civils and Level 2 BIM protocols now the default standard on all our projects throughout our civil and structural engineering teams and across all our offices, the highest quality of project and service delivery is ensured.

Our experience with BIM has been very positive, and along with our clients, we have seen very clear and positive benefits for us, our clients and ultimately the building owners and users.

A recent relatively modest project for a hotel in Dorset demonstrated all the expected benefits of BIM (reduced time, increased accuracy and certainty, automatic scheduling, improved visualisation and an integrated BIM solution and workflow) and convinced us, if we needed further convincing, that our belief and investment in software, training and development  was well placed.

The report concludes that “there remain a significant number of practices who do not see the advantages of BIM, and so chose not to adopt, or who are currently unable to adopt BIM, because of time, cost, or expertise.”

Our industry has always benefited from a dynamic, varied and adaptable spread of practices of all shapes and sizes.  It would be regrettable if BIM turns us into an industry of haves and have nots because ultimately those that don’t adopt, will be outclassed, outpriced and out of a job and we will all be poorer for it.

BIM is not the future, it’s now.  To quote P W Botha, ‘Adapt or die!’     

Martin Hathaway, Director

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