Learning from experience!

Two Clarkebond school projects have been granted ‘Exemplar’ status by Constructing Excellence as part of a new initiative to build on the success of the Demonstration Project Programme.

An ‘Exemplar’ is defined as ‘something worthy of being imitated or copied’.  Exemplars are intended to offer good practical examples of how to achieve Best Value Sustainable Construction solutions by combining the core principles of Rethinking Construction and the Low/Zero Carbon Sustainable Construction agenda.

The two design and build contracts for Newport High School and Llanwern High School were awarded together.  Unfortunately the construction of the Newport School was followed by the economic downturn and so the design team worked for over 18 months free of charge to find ways to reduce the project costs and make the Llanwern project affordable.  With the example of Newport to learn from, the team was able to identify £2.7m savings, representing approximately 10% of the project cost, this along with over 100 lessons learned, reduced the construction costs from £1700m2 to £1400m2.

The Exemplar Programme identifies what actions have taken place at key project stages that have led to successful outcomes, so that this learning can be adopted on other projects. At each stage industry standard metrics are used to back up and support the description of what was done.  All aspects of sustainability and construction best practice are taken into consideration, including economic, social and environmental factors, to ensure that a good all-round project is delivered that does not sacrifice one aspect for the sake of another.

Participants commit to sharing their learning experiences with the wider industry through dissemination events held at key stages in the project development.



Newport and Llanwern are the subject of Constructing Excellence post occupancy case studies which can be downloaded below.

Newport High School          

Llanwen High School