Clarkebond provide commercial solutions to difficult ground on residential developments in Lyme Regis

Challenging ground conditions are often associated with brownfield sites, but occasionally greenfield sites can prove as tricky and need specialist engineering skills to provide commercially viable design solutions.

This is the case on a site in Lyme Regis being developed by Bloor Homes South West. The site is in an area with a history of ground instability as a result of underlying geology which comprises limestone, silt stone, clay and mudstone overlain by Cretaceous sands.

Clarkebond was appointed to provide detailed infrastructure design on the scheme, which is being developed in two phases, including detailed plot design, roads, drainage, foundations and also flood risk assessment, transport planning  and superstructure design.

The variable ground conditions on the site, including artesian water pressure, have required a complex foundation solution featuring a mixture of piling.

Construction of Phase 1, comprising 46 units, is nearly complete, whilst detailed planning consent has just been approved for Phase 2, comprising 54 units.  Clarkebond engineers have been appointed to prepare detailed designs of Phase 2 with work on Phase 2 due to commence in July 2016.