Bath and West Showground

Clarkebond has prepared a Traffic Assessment and a Framework Travel Plan  to support the proposed LDO (Local Development Order) to cover an 8.2 ha site designated for business space development within the adopted Planning Framework (February 2012) for the Bath and West Showground regeneration area. The LDO Development is divided into two parts; Zone A comprises of up to 18,000 sq. m Class B1a, b and c/B2/B8 and Zone B comprises of up to 9,000 sq. m – Class B1a, b and c. The LDO has a lifespan of 5 years from date of LDO adoption.

Our traffic assessment involved reviewing previous technical work and triggers for highway improvements and reassessing critical highway junctions and identifying, and agreeing with the highway authority, less onerous triggers and improvements. We also redrafted the previous FTP to better reflect local guidance and requirements and subsequently this was approved.